Regulation Directive Medical Physics® (RDMP®)

… is a medical consulting company that provides medical expert witness testimony, medical device testing, as well as medical physics and dosimetry services internationally.

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Medical Device Testing & More

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Medical Physics & Dosimetry Consulting Services

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Regulation Directive Medical Physics®

Regulation Directive Medical Physics® (DBA: RDMP®) is a medical consulting company. The senior principal scientist specializes in areas related to radiation oncology, radiation safety and dosimetry. While being clinically oriented, he is an experienced expert witness for legal services and additionally offers various forms of imaging and medical device testing for industry internationally. As an example, he can be acquired for clinical efforts in radiation oncology including accreditation preparation, or as an expert witness as it relates to radiation protection, radiation dosimetry and malpractice, or even for implantable medical device testing and imaging. Other areas of related interest can be discussed on a project-by-project basis.

Our Primary Services Include:

  • Medical Expert Witness Testimony

  • Malpractice & Forensic Radiation Causality

  • Medical Physics Remote PRN Coverage

  • External Beam Dosimetry

  • Brachytherapy Dosimetry

  • Accelerator Acceptance/Commissioning

  • Medical Physics Peer Review

  • Medical Physics Consulting

  • Accreditation Preparation styled for ACR, ACRO or ASTRO

  • Radiation Oncology/Radiology Shielding

  • Particle Accelerator Calibration

  • Implantable Device X-ray Testing

  • Implantable Device Proton Testing

  • Implantable Device MRI Compatibility

  • Implantable Device CT Compatibility

  • Implantable Device Ultrasound Compatibility

  • Implantable Device Pressure Compatibility

  • Implantable Device Micron-level Imaging

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We provide practical solutions with exceptional results in the court room, in industry and in health care. Trademarks have been established for the following: G-RDMP®, RDMP®, and Regulation Directive Medical Physics®.